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One of my old family members (ex step brother) works for Bunim Murray, the ones who actually organize the filming, and helped filming the reunion. He’s one of the two camera guys who filmed the girls while they were entering the building. I just want you to know that reunion is set up.


1) The week before the reunion, the producers ask you who you’re going to fight, who you have beef with, so they can tell Tanisha what to say and HOW to say it. Her job is to instigate FIGHTS and LOUD ARGUMENTS.

2) Tanisha doesn’t come up with the fat jokes herself, they give her food (in this case pizza) and tell her to do something about it. You guys need to know that Tanisha is cool with everybody, even with Redd. And if you thought she really favors certain Bad Girls… She doesn’t. She simply does what she was told to do.

3) The producers are the ones who come up with the stuff the girls bring to the stage (like Britt’s “Lame/Lie” board” and Nancy’s Holy water on S10 and Camilla’s weaves on S8).

4) These girls are reading scripts and some of the lines they say have already been prepared and even Diamond’s. I’m not talking about the taping before the reunion starts, but during the reunion too. Why do you think they bring them to the hotel days before the reunion starts?

5) In the next episode, you’ll see a bunch of security around Redd. Let me tell you why: Jada’s family had threatened to sue Bunim Murray for the Redd vs Jada  limo fight (since there was footage available). Appearantly it took them a whole 30 seconds to undertake action, while Jada could’ve been hurt badly, while Redd had ALREADY TOLD the camera crew she was “bout to smack Jada” and “get sent home”, right before they entered the limo. And there’s always security in the limousines, so it’s not even like they weren’t close enough to them. That’s why they put all that security around Redd, just in case she wouldn’t obey the orders she was given. 


And there’s even more. Really. Taping the reunion (on stage) takes HOURS. Other arguments, like between Tanisha and Britt will never be shown, since they squashed it right away. You guys shouldn’t believe she stayed quiet like that, while Tanisha called her a follower. Don’t believe everything that you see on TV. 


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"say something i’m giving up on you"

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"Gurl, sit down. With that body shop dress on, why yo dress gotta cola’"

— Loren London

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This moment though. 

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"I don’t hate you, but I don’t fuck with you." Basically.

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When someone ask me “Why are you here?”

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